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Your iPhone on its last legs? Time to upgrade if you see THESE 5 signs

Wondering if your iPhone can last another year or if you should update now? Here are 5 characters.

Is your iPhone past its expiration date or can you make it last a year longer or longer? You should definitely keep an eye out for the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and even iPhone 11. And now they have seen huge price drops as well. If you are considering upgrading your smartphone to a smartphone with better features at an affordable price, there are certain things to keep in mind. Most importantly, is it the right time to say goodbye to your trusty old iPhone? In general, iPhones receive software updates for up to 5 years, but your iPhone may not. So how to know if it’s time for an upgrade or if your iPhone is still eligible for an update to the latest iOS 16. Find out here.

5 signs that say you should upgrade your iPhone NOW

  • First, find the name and number of your iPhone model. Just follow Settings > General > About and know the details.
  • Now check the list of eligible devices supported by the latest iOS 16 from this link. If your iPhone model is available in the list, it means it is compatible with iOS 16.
  • If it’s still running on iOS 15 or an older version, try updating your iPhone if a new version of iOS is available. How do you do that? Open the Settings, go to General and tap the Software Update.
  • Otherwise, if you see that no update is available, then you are running a version of iOS, which means your phone is not eligible for updates.
  • However, keep looking out for the latest security updates.
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No updates? Should you buy a new iPhone

It’s all your choice! If you are willing to experience the latest technology, then you should consider buying the latest iPhone 14, or even the older iPhone models will work. But if you want to stick with your current iPhone, don’t be afraid to stick with it for another year, because the 2023 iPhone 15 promises to be a game-changer. However, if your iPhone stops receiving security updates, you may be more vulnerable to attacks, so in that case, you should upgrade your iPhone now.



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