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World Cup 2022: Neymar hints he might not return to play for the Brazil National Team

World Cup football has been a cruel mistress Neymar, it has always seduced him for four years and takes the candy out of his mouth at the most critical moment. By the time the South Africa The World Cup was about to happen indoors 2010, Neymar was already a big star in Brazil, but he didn’t make the final list. In 2014, that back injury probably kept him from showing his face on the pitch as Germany beat them 7-1. During the Russia 2018 World Cup, Neymar was not playing 100% after a nasty ankle injury. All his hopes and dreams were pinned on this edition of the tournament.

Before CroatiaAfter the equalizer, fate finally seemed to smile on him as the script placed him as the hero of Brazil’s story with a record breaking breathtaking goal. But then ghosts from the past appeared as Neymar‘s face wrote another sad poem about his passing. He didn’t even score his penalty kick during the series, football was brutal against Neymar this time. Always taking the blame for his country’s defeats, this time none of this was his fault. Neymar delivered on what was asked of him but football can be such a bitch.

Neymar may not play for Brazil after this

Before Tite announced that he was stepping down as administrator, Neymar spoke to the press to also hint that he might step aside. This feels very much like how Messi felt for Argentina when he lost the second straight Cup America final against Chile. Leo was also fresh out of one World Cup heartbreak and lost another two consecutive finals. The only difference is that Neymar may not return if he makes the decision public. At the moment he was too distraught to think clearly.

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There’s been way too much pressure Neymar‘s talent for more than a decade, Brazilians are determined to compare him to the greatest soccer stars that country had to offer. This rejection of his own people is what Neymar may not last longer. Here’s what he told the media in a blunt statement after the match: “There’s a lot to think about right now, I don’t want to say anything with a hot head. I want to take this time to think about what’s good for me, which is good for the national team. I’m not closing the doors, I don’t want to say 100% that I’m going to come back.”



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