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Where to find the most gold in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4? 

Like many vertical video games, Fortnite offers many ways to supplement a player’s survival in a match. As the last person standing, a player can use many in-game features such as quick healing, revealing the next storm circle and much more.

However, players must spend gold bars in order to use these services. Gold bars are Fortnite’s in-game currency that can only be used during a BR match. Players can use gold bars to hire NPCs, upgrade weapons, and acquire other utensils.

While gold bars can be harvested and collected in-game, they are limited to 5000. Because players have so many options to spend gold bars on, there remains an eternal shortage. This often causes them to ask where to find the most gold bars in Fortnite.

Most of the gold in Fortnite can be found in and near Chrome Crossroads and Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers has the vaults on the map (Image via
Tilted Towers has the vaults on the map (Image via

While there’s no surefire answer to this, one can tag locations and POIs with a plethora of chests, safes, and cash registers. Gold bars spawn in floor loot for inexperienced people and can be found in cash registers, chests, and vaults on the Fortnite map. Players can also collect them by breaking furniture such as beds, couches, and chairs.

To determine a location with the most gold bars, one needs to analyze and consolidate the spawn pattern of items such as safes and cash registers. Players can refer to the following guide to make a decision:


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Vaults with significant loot and currency are located all over the island. However, from Chapter 3 Season 4 onwards, safes require keys. Players must use one or two keys to open safes. Although these are located all over the map, upon closer inspection one can conclude that vaults occur in a cluster in the center of the map.

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Chrome Crossroads and Tilted Towers are two well-connected POIs with eight different vaults in the immediate vicinity. However, 5 of these are highly secured safes (with two keys).


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As the name suggests, cash registers store currency and can be found all over the map. Players can pry them open by interacting with them. Certain areas on the map have an abundance of cash registers. Cloudy Condos has 12. Greasy Grove has 8. Tilted Towers has 8, Chrome Crossroads has 6, and Sleepy Sounds has 10.

Unlike safes, cash registers spawn sparsely. From the data mentioned above, it can be inferred that most of these are in the southwestern quadrant of the Fortnite map.


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Vaults in Fortnite only contain gold bars and spawn is scarce. Safes can also be found in safes. Tilted Towers has 12 vaults, Chrome Crossroads has nine vaults, Rave Cave has 10 vaults, and Lustrous Lagoon has seven vaults. Although all major POIs and landmarks on the map have vaults, they are concentrated in these few locations.

Building on the spawn data of vaults, vaults and cash registers, it can be concluded that Tilted Towers and Chrome Crossroads are the best locations on the map where players can find the most gold.

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