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When Kajol revealed how Tanuja told her about separation with Shomu Mukherjee | Bollywood

Veteran actor Tanuja turns 79 on Friday. The actor, who worked in hit films such as Haathi Meri Saathi, Do Chor and Anubhav, is also the mother of actors Kajol and Tanishaa Mukherjee. Last year, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Kajol told how Tanuja always treated her with respect and like an adult. (Also read: When Mahesh Bhatt Said His Family Will Miss Him But Rejoice With His Death)

About her mother’s parenting style, she said, “I’ve never had such a rebellion with my mother. I had the most amazing relationship with her because she is amazing. Everything she did in my life, every decision she made, she explained to me in the way I could understand.” Tanuja even explained why she was divorced from Shomu Mukherjee. “Whether it was my parents who separated went, whether it was going to work or being a working woman. Whatever the bigger points in my life, she sat down, discussed it with me, explained it to me, she waited for me to understand, thought things through and accepted them before rising from her chair and saying ‘discussion over'” , said Kajol about her mother.

In another interview with HT, she said: “My mom and I always had the best relationship and it just got stronger. We don’t discuss whether I should make a movie or not. It’s always been my decision and mine only from my 16th,” she said. Of her advice, she said: “My mother gave me a lot of advice and I didn’t listen to it until I got a problem and then her advice rang in my ears at the right time and I knew what the right thing was to do at the right time. So I ignored everything until I needed it.”

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However, Tanuja said in an interview with Scroll that she never gave her daughter any advice. “My daughters, I raised them. I gave them no advice. I trained them. That is something else. That is the duty of a mother, they learn how to think for themselves, how to be their own person, how to be who they are or who they want to be. That’s up to them. It’s their life, not mine, if I give them the right values ​​of life,” she said. “The fundamental Hindu culture about who you are – respect your elders, be kind, be compassionate, be gentle and learn how to draw your own line. It’s as simple as that and whatever choices you make are your responsibilities, so think before you make a choice and then deal with the consequences of that choice,” she added.



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