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When does Festival of Lights 2022 start in Pokemon GO?

The Festival of Lights in Pokemon GO is a time to bond with other trainers and Pokemon partners.

The event will have several bonuses, Pokemon debuts and a special treat for those who play at night. Specific Pokemon glow during the night while the festival is active.

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Trainers looking to participate in the Festival of Lights won’t have to wait long, as the event arrives in a week.

The Festival of Lights in Pokemon GO begins October 14, 2022

The Festival of Lights will begin on October 14, 2022 at 10 a.m. local time and last until October 17, 2022 at 8 p.m. local time. This gives trainers more than a single weekend to participate in the festivities and catch lots of Pokemon.

The Festival of Lights is part of the Season of Light and follows the Fashion Week and Evolving Stars events. The latter is currently active, bringing a new installment to the Season of Light Special Research mission and Cosmoem’s debut.

The Festival of Lights will have some Pokemon GO debuts of its own. It will also feature various themed raids, eggs, and wild encounters. In addition, event bonuses will be active.

What to expect during Festival of Lights 2022

There’s a lot to experience and take in during the short days of the Festival of Lights 2022. Here are the highlights of what players can expect from the event:

  • The event will see the debut of Morelull and its evolution Shiinotic.
  • The debuting Pokemon will not be available in their shiny form, but will glow at night during the event.
  • The chance that you will encounter shiny chinchou in the wild is greater.
  • Several rare Pokemon will appear more often through the use of incense.
  • A catch-focused Timed Research mission will take place during the Festival of Lights.
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There should be a lot of opportunities to catch the creatures debuting in Pokemon GO along with the shinies available during the event. Trainers must load Poke Balls and Incenses to get the most out of the Festival of Lights.

Other Upcoming Pokemon GO Events

The Festival of Lights isn’t the only event trainers can look forward to. Quite a few events are scheduled. They will take advantage of the coming seasons, including Halloween.

Here are some of the most anticipated events coming to the mobile title:

  • Litwick Community Day (October 15)
  • Midsdreavus Spotlight Hour (October 18)
  • Halloween event (October 20)
  • Safari Zone: Taipei (October 20)
  • Dratini Community Day (November 5)
  • Safari Zone: Singapore (November 18)

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more Raid Hours, Raid Days, Spotlight Hours, GO Battle League Cups, and Research Breakthrough missions to come in the near future.

Activities will not be missing in Pokemon GO as 2022 starts to come to an end. All of this is likely to culminate in a grand New Year’s Eve event that will set the tone for 2023.

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