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What is the Caracara in GTA Online good for?

With GTA Online’s new weekly update, players can pick up Vapid Caracara as the podium vehicle at The Diamond Casino & Resort this week.

The Caracara is a four-door 6×6 armed off-road pickup truck in GTA Online that was added with the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update in 2018.

With so many similar vehicles already in the game, you might be wondering if it’s worth getting into 2022. With that said, let’s learn all about the Vapid Caracara in GTA Online.

Everything to know about Vapid Caracara in GTA Online – Price, performance and more

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The Vapid Caracara is one of the largest off-road 6×6 pickup trucks in GTA Online. It was added to the game during the Target Assault Week event. The appearance is very much based on the following real vehicles:

  • Ford F-150
  • Hennessey Veloci Raptor 6X6
  • 2016-present Nissan Titan
  • Get Ram

It has a voluminous profile and the outer body has the following features:

Front body:

  • Off road front bumper
  • Tubular frames on the edges of the bumper
  • Crankcase protection to protect the front axle
  • Mesh Grill in the middle consisting of several horizontal partitions
  • The manufacturer’s icon in the middle
  • Dual rectangular headlamps in C-shaped light units
  • Inlet in the center of the hood

Side Body:

  • Large black plastic mudguards over the wheels
  • Black trim around the side windows and the windscreen
  • Body color mirror caps
  • Black door handles

Back body:

  • Long loading floor
  • Plastic trim on the top edges of the bed
  • Stretched taillights
  • Plastic rear bumper
  • The license plate on a steel platform in the center rear
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It comes with the same interior layout as other SUVs in the game, such as the Cavalcade. It comes with a primary color on the body and a secondary color on the grille elements and springs.

On the performance side, it runs on an Inline-4 engine with four throttle bodies. In combination with a five-speed gearbox, the engine drives the vehicle in a front-mounted four-wheel drive. Players can purchase the Caracara on the Warstock Cache & Carry in-game website for a price of $1,775,000.

The website describes the vehicle by stating:

“No one cares what you are like inside, money and power are the most important things in life, and naked, sociopathic aggression is arguably the best way to get ahead in everything you do. Now that you’ve taken all that on board, your vehicle choice has already been made. Welcome to the Caracara: time to step in and spread the word.”

Why players should pick up the Caracara in GTA Online in 2022

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The Vapid Caracara offers incredible off-road performance thanks to its 6×6 aerodynamics. With decent acceleration, it can reach a good top speed of 162.14 km/h, which is not bad considering the size of the vehicle. It has a record lap time of 1:12.707, as tested by Broughy1322.

It is considered an improvised off-road combat vehicle in the game, thanks to a powerful rear turret available on it. It takes an independent player to wield the weapon system, which offers an excellent 360-degree rotation angle. It can also be used as a defensive weapon and can help players stand their ground against chasing cars and helicopters.

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Whether players want to use his machine gun or minigun, the off-road truck can be used as a getaway vehicle or for important heists and missions.

Judgment Day is coming to Los Santos during a month-long Halloween event. Get 2x rewards in this new Adversary mode and a GTA $300K bonus for winning 3 rounds. Plus, look for new Halloween clothes, returning fan-favorite modes and more in the coming weeks:

Rockstar Games did a great job of distinguishing each vehicle from one another. While performance and usage are subjective to one’s experience, this week players can try their luck at the Lucky Wheel and purchase a Vapid Caracara.

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