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“We Did Not Cut Any Corners on This” – Twitch Star SypherPk Shocks Fortnite Community With Latest Icon Skin

The video game community has always been looking for Fortnite skins. The game has a reputation for producing some of the beautiful skin lines in the industry. And Fortnite has finally released the final product of their highly anticipated partnership with SypherPK.


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A few days ago, SypherPK teased the Twitter public by tweeting about its partnership with Fortnite. And just as Fortnite’s Season 4 release comes around the corner, this collaboration blows the hype through the roof. In addition, the skin falls under Fortnite’s ICON skin line. And to make things even more interesting, the streamer has been given a Japanese touch to its skinline.


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SypherPK and Fortnite have brought something the world just needed

Fortnite is a free-to-play online video game developed by Epic Games. The game is known for its highly graphical interface. More so, the cosmetics range is one of the most legendary. By partnering with food hubs, sports personalities and popular streamers, the game seeks to create a connection between the communities.

Recently, SypherPK posted a tweet on his Twitter account that set things straight. Without any delay, he announced the reveal of his in-game skin line. The skin contains the Oni black bling, the Oni mask, an emote and much more. All in all, the skinpack cosmetics revolve around the concept of Oni.

After seeing the reveal of the skin pack, Fortnite fans and fellow streamers couldn’t contain their excitement. Here are a few reactions on Twitter:

The latest skin from the ICON series can be claimed by anyone in an hour on Twitch. to spend

For a vivid description, SypherPK has released a YouTube video. In the video, he shows all the features of the skins, the variants and the skins that fans can use without spending anything but time. To keep the party going, Fortnite has added SypherPK’s own in-game soundtrack, with its own lyrics.

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As described by SypherPK, there is: “pure flesh and form”, and a “armored version.” The latter also has an Oni mask on the shoulder, as the purple fumes flicker over the pickaxe. In addition, with more and more elimination deaths, the color purple will darken. SypherPk said, “Brother! they caught me perfectly,” by marveling at the efforts of Epic Games.


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He further said, “everything is reactive, everything transforms.” Mesmerized by the look, he said: “We have not cut corners on this” and appreciated the gaming company’s efforts.

The SypherPK dark dragon ICON wrap is completely free. And you can claim it as part of a Twitch drop by watching SypherPK for an hour every day between September 18 and 22. In addition, the SypherPK ICON map will be released in the upcoming season.


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The players mainly get two more free cosmetics from the card. By doing quests and eliminations, one can earn SypherPK ICON loading screen and spray. This is mainly the first time a creator gets an ICON loading screen. Therefore, you can definitely say that SypherPK’s five years of creating Fortnite content has finally paid off for him and his community.



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