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“Was Trying To Fake My Intensity”: Virat Kohli Opens Up On Recent Struggles

Star Indian batter Virat Kohli hasn’t scored an international ton in over 1,000 days and talk of his form continues to rise by the minute. The batter was not even able to register a fifty on the tour of England and he was then given rest for the limited-overs series against the West Indies and Zimbabwe. And now in an interview with Star Sports broadcaster, Kohli opened up about why he needed a break and how he was trying to fake his intensity.

“For the first time in 10 years I haven’t touched the bat for a month. I came to realize that lately I’ve been trying to fake my intensity a little bit, you know you can do that, you’re competitive and you say that I have the intensity but your body tells you to stop and it tells you to take a break and take a step back I am seen as a man who is mentally very strong and that is me Everyone has a limit and you have to recognize that limit, otherwise things can become unhealthy for you,” Kohli said.

“This period taught me a lot, you know a lot of things that I didn’t let surface. When it came to the surface I embraced it. I’m not shy to accept that I was feeling mentally down, it’s normal to feel but we don’t talk because we hesitate, we don’t want to be seen as mentally weak or weak people. Believe me, pretending to be strong is much worse than admitting that you are weak,” he added.

Speaking further about his intensity, Kohli said, “I’m a person who wakes up feeling like we’re showing what the day has in store for me and being a part of everything I do throughout the day with absolute presence, engagement and happiness. That’s who I’ve always been, people ask me a lot how do you deal with this on the pitch and how do you continue with the same intensity to contribute and I would give everything on the pitch.”

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“For me it never felt abnormal and a lot of people on the outside and even within the team ask me how you keep up. I’m just saying one thing simple: I want my team to win at all costs and if that means I’m gasping for breath gasp when I leave the field, so be it. That’s the kind of preparation I go through to be able to play like this. It didn’t come naturally and I had to push myself. But I just didn’t know,” he added.

Kohli will then be seen in action in the upcoming 2022 Asian Cup, and will face Pakistan first in the Group A clash in Dubai on Sunday.

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