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Venom skin glitch is literally dangerous to look at

Fortnite has an excess of cosmetic skins. From pop culture icons to user-generated outfits, the game has a massive repository suitable for the most scrupulous of players. Given the redundancy, it is likely that some outfits can glitch and malfunction.

Glitches are nothing new for Fortnite players. Since its launch in 2017, the game has been in constant development, which can sometimes cause certain bugs and hinder the proper functioning of some features. While most of the glitches are in the gameplay and are harmless, there are a few that can be dangerous.

A clip mentioning such a glitch is making the rounds in the Fortnite community and players are taking advantage of it for all the wrong reasons. Ignoring that the glitch is not doing any damage can be fatal. Readers are advised to handle the embedded media with care.

Fortnite Venom Skin Glitch Could Cause Photosensitive Epilepsy

Recently, a YouTube-based Fortnite creator GKI made the community aware of a visual glitch that could prove fatal to a tiny audience. The extreme editing style of the Venom skin can cause epilepsy in photosensitive players. While the glitch is limited to specific cards, it still poses a threat and should be addressed immediately.

(Photosensitive trigger warning. Viewer discretion is advised.)

youtube cover

If players equipped with the aforementioned outfit were to enter a Fortnite Creative map with glow visual effects, their outfit would become very bright and begin to pulse. Suddenly bright lights of different shades will come out of the outfit and it will become an unidentified mass of brightly colored lights.

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The glitch is not limited to the users themselves as other players on the map can also witness its effect. To others, the adversary with the outfit looks like a giant blob of bright lights indistinguishable from the character. In comparison, the glitch appears to be more damaging to other players than the users themselves.

While the outfit can cause epilepsy, most players are concerned about whether this trick will make the skin a pay-to-win cosmetic. The glitch almost camouflages the opponent in bright lights that make it difficult to aim the hit boxes. Players should pay close attention before using the outfit.

Screenshot of the video's commentary board.  (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video’s commentary board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video's commentary board.  (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video’s commentary board. (Image via Youtube/GKI)

Photosensitive triggers are nothing new in gaming. Most video games come with a trigger warning. The developers add a warning message before the game starts up and even make visual adjustments to minimize any incident. Although it is mainly done to indemnify the developers, it is still an efficient preventive action.

More about the Venom skin in Fortnite

The Venom outfit, introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, is part of the Marvel series. Available for $2000 V, the skin was last seen in the item shop on August 12, 2022.

This particular outfit was also broken in the past. A few months ago, any player equipped with the Venom outfit became invisible for a few seconds while getting emotional.

New Hotfixes!Task Force XA simple floating light that can be configured. Warning: This device can be configured to potentially cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.#fortnite

. @FortniteGame please remove this from the game. It causes me to have seizures half way through fortnite scrim due to my epilepsy medical issues.

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While photosensitive triggers are not common, there have been instances in the past where players have faced such issues. Epic Games developers are very proactive when it comes to situations that could be dangerous for players, and this bug is expected to be patched soon.



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