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Uttar Pradesh governor seeks for quality reforms in education institutions to prevent exodus of students | Lucknow News

HAPPINESS: Governor of Uttar Pradesh Anandiben Patel said Tuesday that quality reforms must be implemented in the state’s educational institutions to prevent mass exodus of students from UP.
“UP students should not migrate to other states or abroad for education. To this end, the quality of higher education institutions must improve. So, University of Lucknow should come forward to earn a place in international rankings,” Patel said as he laid the foundation stone of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at LU.
Patel, who also inaugurated the new Engineering Faculty Building at LU, said the construction work should be completed on time and at the proposed cost. “Any delay comes at a high cost and puts a strain on the country’s economy,” the governor said.
At the event, Patel emphasized the need to educate students about ethics, ideals and morality so that they can do their work in the future without fear and honesty.
maintain that NAAC is an ongoing process, Patel asked universities to continue the process to improve quality. He asked LU to take the lead and help other universities in the state improve their quality. “The university (LU) has the ability to guide the country’s educational institutions,” Patel said.
In her speech, the governor also said that universities should develop a pragmatic approach to teaching and learning. “Students have to learn theoretical knowledge in practice. There needs to be a lab where they can turn their knowledge into experience,” said Patel.
She added that the benefits of the students’ research should reach the general public, farmers and small entrepreneurs, so that the students can also benefit financially and the public can get quality tests, equipment and other useful materials at low prices.
In his speech, the governor emphasized the importance of women’s education and financial stability. Patel said that a society becomes strong and empowers only women: “Women who are educated in college in jute production should benefit by connecting them to the national and international market for the sale of manufactured products,” said they.
On that occasion, the governor also released the IPS’s Annual Progress Report (APR) and gave schoolbags to children of workers in LU.
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