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Twitter will soon let you control who can mention you in tweets

Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to control who can mention them in their own tweets or in comments to other tweets. The feature was first noticed by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who also gave us a peek at other Twitter features prior to their past release.

The new feature allows users to choose whether everyone can mention them in tweets or whether only followers can. This is in addition to the setting that allows users to completely block other users from mentioning them in their tweets. The feature comes as a toggle in the Twitter settings and appears as seen in the tweet below.

As a report of The edge points out that this isn’t the first time Twitter has introduced a feature to restrict interaction with other users on the platform. The microblogging app also had an update in 2020 where it launched a feature that allowed users to control who could reply to a tweet. If a user wishes, they can allow comments to be opened only to followers or people mentioned in the tweet itself.

Twitter also announced Twitter Circles earlier this year, which allow users to limit the reach of their tweet to just a small “circle” of Twitter users rather than their entire audience. This allowed users to share certain updates, such as more personal ones, only with relevant users, without involving other followers.

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