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Twitter launches Twitter Circle for closed friends

Twitter began testing a new feature called Twitter Circle earlier this year that allows users to send tweets to join groups of friends. It’s a lot like Instagram’s “closed friends” feature.

“We started testing Twitter Circle in May and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. So starting today, we’re making this much-requested feature available worldwide to everyone on iOS, Android and,” the company said.

Users can add up to 150 people to their Twitter Circles group, and they can also customize who is in and who is not at any time.

To tweet a message to Twitter Circle:
Once you’ve curated, the user will see an option (see screenshot below) to share your Tweet with your circle or with your entire followers list.

Users also use the ‘edit’ button next to the Circle option to add or remove people.

Twitter Circle feature (screen grab)

Those added to Twitter Circle will see a new green badge under tweets to indicate that this post is only visible to the specific person who is part of a closed group.

And the reply to the tweet will remain private within the Twitter Circle and will not appear on the Twitter platform to any public member. And the tweet cannot be retweeted or shared outside the Twitter Circle.

Twitter Circle feature. Credit: Twitter

With this feature, Twitter believes it will give the user more freedom to express themselves, and there is also no need to create another account with an alias to avoid being bullied on the platform.

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