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Cisco AppDynamics today announced major updates to its cloud-native observation solution AppDynamics Cloud. Business transaction insight combines business transaction monitoring with the continuous context experience of AppDynamics Cloud. This enables organizations to extend visibility across cloud-native applications related to the business context in their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and beyond. The AIOps-derived insights enable teams to observe applications in the same way customers and end users experience them and take quick action to optimize performance and resolve issues in near real-time.

The new capabilities will initially support digital services, cloud-native applications, and workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cisco AppDynamics and AWS continue to support organizations across the IT domain on their journey to full observability.

Modern cloud-native applications can be highly distributed and complex. Ops teams often have to rely on isolated, domain-specific tools to collect and interpret massive amounts of data generated by their technology stack during normal operations. As a Result, they may struggle to deliver reliable digital experiences to end-users because they lack the correlated insights to identify how critical issues impact business outcomes.

With business transaction insights, teams can leverage multiple data streams from OpenTelemetryTM and Amazon CloudWatch, all correlated to the business context, then optimize digital experiences at scale. They generate AIOps-driven alerts that help teams identify, prioritize, and resolve the top issues that could impact user experience and the overall business.

A Cisco AppDynamics survey of 1,150 IT professionals found that 71% believe their organization should allocate resources to make cloud-native applications and infrastructure visible. The addition of this new capability in AppDynamics Cloud gives technologists the simplicity and insights they need to streamline operations, increase the business value of AWS products and services, and maximize current and future investments in areas such as Kubernetes®, microservices and other AWS infrastructure.

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“Monitoring business transactions is at the heart of our application performance monitoring strategy,” said Vincent Lamonde, Director, Cloud Operations, Insurity. “As we innovate for the future and develop new cloud-native solutions, it is critical to know that Cisco AppDynamics can support both our cloud-native landscapes and our traditional environments through innovations such as business transaction insights. “

“With AppDynamics Cloud, we are reimagining the cloud-native observability market,” said Ronak Desai SVP/GM Cisco AppDynamics and Cisco Full-Stack Observability. “Cisco AppDynamics exposes an organization’s entire cloud-native landscape and generates insights based on an intelligent relationship model. With the addition of business transactional insights to AppDynamics Cloud, IT teams can now act with the information needed to make business-critical decisions and break the new silos that exist in their cloud-native monitoring landscapes. We help customers realize the vision of Cisco Full-Stack Observability and bring true visibility, insight and action across their entire IT environment.”

“As organizations move their business to the cloud, it is critical to use solutions that enable them to understand their cloud environment and quickly identify meaningful data to optimize the customer experience,” said Chris Grusz, General Manager of Worldwide ISV Alliances and AWS Marketplace, AWS. “With the introduction of business transactional insights for AppDynamics Cloud, customers can confidently build modern applications while taking greater advantage of the flexibility, scalability and innovative cloud services that AWS offers.”



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