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Top 7 Times Donations Made Twitch Streamers Cry

The streaming industry is built on the trust that whatever the stream is streaming should be content worth watching. While some streamers keep a high-quality streaming promise, others sometimes lack the overall experience or charm to attract more subscribers. And in the midst of it all, there is also a culture of donating money on platforms like Twitch to the streamers to make them perform even better.


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Therefore, it is not surprising that sometimes a random fan or a big streamer starts donating money to streamers that sometimes even change their lives. From $5,000 to $1,000,000, here are the top 10 donations to Twitch streamers of all time.


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Sowz gets a donation of $5,000

Sowz was one of the early Twitch streamers with around 34,000 followers when he finally left the platform in 2020. But five years ago in 2017, during one of his let’s play streams, playing DayZ as one of his top followers, StaarBomb started donating money.

In the beginning it was $500, but after a while he started donating huge amounts of money, eventually donating $5000 in one go. This donation left Sowz speechless as he sat in his chair thinking about what had just happened. This was one of the best streams in particular, as he made nearly $20,000 in that stream alone.

PotasticP receives a $5,000 donation

With 365K followers, PotasticP is a relatively small streamer known for its let’s play and chat streams. During one of her streams with her sister cooking dinner on her birthday, a follower named Altinaorion donated $5,000 to wish her a happy birthday.

Although she almost lost her composure, her sister supported her to remain steadfast. They also did something “special” to the audience that provided an adorable moment for her fans.

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Dinglederper receives a $10,000 donation

Diglederper is one of the most highlighted streamers on Twitch. She even accepts that she is one of the most hated streamers on the platform. But that aside, she recently got a little more attention when a fan named Young Moolah donated $10,000 during one of her streams.


While she was playing CS:GO, a notification appeared with $10,000 on it. After seeing this report, Dinglederper nearly lost her breath and started to cry because she couldn’t believe her eyes.

TrainwrecksTV donates a bitcoin worth $64,000 to a mother-son duo

TrainwrecksTV is one of the most controversial Twitch channels on the entire platform. This is due to its gambling flow, which many believe is unethical. But during one of a small streamer’s streams, Trainwreck saw that he and his mother might be having some financial troubles.

trainwreckstv 2

Therefore, he decides to give away a bitcoin to them that was around $64,000 at the time. He then says they can split the money among themselves and continue to create content at their own pace. The mother, hearing this, was already in tears and could not believe that this was real.

Exotic Chaotic gets a $75,000 donation

During one of his Fortnite streams, while still a professional player and member of ESL, Exotic Chaotic got a $75,000 donation that nearly made him cry with happiness. He was playing a popular game when suddenly, while he was dropping out of another game, a fan named King Mascot randomly gifted him $75K.

exotic chaotic

Chaotic wasn’t sure at first, but after a few rounds in his room when he finally checked his Paypal account, he discovered that the donation was indeed true.

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Valkyrae receives a $200,000 donation

During a charity stream in 2021, Queen of YouTube streamed Valkyrae to help Jacksepticeye raise money for homes that can be donated to the homeless. During this stream, someone anonymously donated $200,000 to Valkyrae, who was only trying to raise $100,000 for charity.

valkyrae 7

After the donation was made, Valkyrae was in awe and disbelief that someone would randomly donate such a huge amount to help people. This kind gesture was so heartwarming that she started crying live on stream. Valkyrae migrated from Twitch to YouTube in 2020.


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DrLupo gets a $1,000,000 donation from Twitch itself

During one of his charity streams in 2019, DrLupo streamed to raise $200,000 for terminally ill children to send the money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This stream went really well, but still didn’t have $100,000 when his wife entered his room with a gift-wrapped cardboard-like item.



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When DrLupo unwrapped the gift, he discovered it was a check for $1,000,000 from Twitch itself. After this, he became very emotional with the gesture and was full of disbelief. However, in 2021, DrLupo migrated from Twitch to YouTube, making him the largest Twitch streamer to do so.



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