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Top 5 Most Powerful Nintendo Characters

When Nintendo started producing video games in 1974, he never thought of making it this big. With game mascots like Mario and popular arcade games like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. the company just got off the ground in the 1980s.


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By the time Nintendo released its latest game Cult of Lambs, the console giant had over 5000+ titles under its belt. But with so many titles, plenty of characters came and it became a challenge to know which character could be considered the strongest of them. That’s why the popular YouTube channel WatchMojo released a list of the strongest characters of all time. So let’s take a look at five of the most powerful Nintendo characters ever.


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1. Kirby

The star of Nintendo’s well-known Kirby video game series is Kirby. Since Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby uses his signature maneuver, the inhale. With the exception of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Kirby Mass Attack, it can be found in virtually all classic Kirby platform games. Kirby: Squeak Squad’s instruction attributes this ability to his “powerful lungs,” despite the fact that Kirby only opens his mouth extremely wide and inhales large amounts of air in a manner more akin to using a vacuum cleaner.

In 1992, it made its film debut in Kirby’s Dream Land. Over the course of the series’ thirty years of existence, thirty games bearing the Kirby name have been produced, most of which were created by or published by HAL for co-developing companies.

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2. Arceus

Arceus is called “The Original One” as it is believed to have created the Guardians of the Lake, the Creation Triad, Sinnoh, Ransei, and possibly the entire Pokémon world. It is the trio master of the creation trio and the trio of the lake guardians. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Arceus is an important character and an integral part of the story that determines the plot of the game.

Pokemon Legends Arceus screenshot 17.0

Arceus is one of the main adversaries in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter and plans to wipe out humanity because of its distrust of humans. Team Rocket’s ambitions to develop Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were focused on it.

3. Galeem and Dharkon

In the “World of Light” story mode of the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from 2018, Galeem and Dharkon are the two main opponents. It is the lighter polar opposite of Dharkon. Galeem wants to bring everything into the pure light, while Dharkon wants to destroy everything that exists in the dark.

galeem and dharkon

When Galeem first shows up in the story, every known warrior gets to work with it. He is always accompanied by several Master Hand clones. While Dharkon appears in the sky and leads an army of Crazy Hands.

4. Giygas

Giegue, also known as Giygas, is the main antagonist in the EarthBound series. Giygas is an evil alien who goes by the names “Embodiment of Evil” and “Universal Cosmic Destroyer”. Having failed in its original goal of depriving humanity of the knowledge of PSI, it now plans to condemn all of reality to the terrifying terror of eternal darkness.

giygas wallpaper by doctor g d2jvhog pre

Its impact also makes humans and animals aggressive and agitated. It is a member of a species of aliens that used to possess the PSI ability and abduct humans in the 1900’s for unexplained purposes.

5. Palutena

Often referred to as Lady Palutena, Palutena is a made-up god from Nintendo’s Kid Icarus series. She initially appears in the 1986 video game Kid Icarus as an unplayable character. Her name is a contraction of the full name of the Greek goddess Pallas Athena.



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In the game, Palutena experiences a prophetic dream in which an army of demons invades her beloved Angel Land. She rushed to the oracle, who told her that Orcos, a terrifyingly powerful demon, was in charge of the army. The well was promptly summoned and Palutena informed him of the impending emergency. The well was then sent on a journey to find the Three Sacred Treasures and gain the power needed to resist the evil power of Orcos.

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