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Top 4 things to know about conduits in Minecraft (2022)

There are many valuable items in Minecraft. They are all important and serve a purpose, but there is a natural hierarchy. Sugarcane is useful, but probably not as valuable as an Ender Pearl.

A pipe is one of the best items for underwater exploration and status effects in Minecraft. It might even be better than a beacon, although it ultimately depends on what players want or need.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

Light Level and 3 Other Facts You Need to Know About Pipes in Minecraft

1) There is only one way to get it

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Players probably know that pipes are one of the most difficult items to craft in the game. What they may not realize is that there is literally only one way to get them into the entire game. They do not generate naturally and thus must be created.

Players can create pipes by placing Heart of the Sea in the center of the crafting grid and surrounding it with seven Nautilus shells.

One good reason pipes are so rare is that it’s hard enough to get hold of Nautilus shells, and the Heart of the Sea is almost unheard of. The Heart of the Sea has a 100% chance of spawning in buried treasure, but that’s the only place it will ever be found.

Most items in the game can be found in a few different ways, so it’s a frustrating rarity at times.

2) Aesthetics

A pipe not fully activated (Image via Mojang)
A pipe not fully activated (Image via Mojang)

According to the Minecraft Wiki, the lead can change the appearance:

“When activated, the pipe shows the heart of the sea texture in the center of the model. However, when all 42 blocks are placed (when the pipe is fully activated), the heart opens up like an orange eye.”

Most items in Minecraft don’t change their appearance, so it’s interesting that a channel does. The big draw is to get the full range of status effects, but this mechanic is a nice addition from Mojang.

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3) Light level

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There is no scenario where the conduit serves a better purpose in water than to provide power. However, this requires a lot of prismarine, which can only be found in Ocean Monuments, making building a conduit rather difficult.

If Minecraft players do not have prismarine, then the structure can be used as an excellent source of light. In fact, it is the best in the game.

Pipes carry a light level of 15, which is the same as a flashlight. This is also the maximum light level in the game, so they have a second valuable use in water.

4) Pipe Status Effects

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The most important thing to know about the channel is what it can do when activated. Once it’s turned on, it becomes so much easier to be underwater. To best see this, players must fully power a conduit by building the entire structure.

According to the Minecraft Wiki:

Players under the effect of Conduit Power will receive all the benefits of Water Breathing, Night Vision and Haste. This means their breath meter will not decrease, it will even fill under water‌ [Bedrock Edition only]they can sleep in a soggy bed‌ [Bedrock Edition only]they can see underwater and their underwater mining speed increases.”

These status effects are so good that a player can live underwater permanently. Conduits are easily one of the best ways to apply status effects throughout the game.

These power-ups can also reach quite far, allowing players to swim a long way before their night vision and water breathing disappear.

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