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To save herself from elimination, Gori Nagori gives a sizzling performance. Watch video

Bigg Boss 16 has started with very entertaining tasks. In which the participation of the family members is seen. Every time there are new tasks to see in the house of Bigg Boss, which entertains the audience a lot. Also this time, Bigg Boss has started the process of the task and also the family members amused the audience fiercely.

Gauri gave a blistering dance performance

Recently, Bigg Boss tasked Haryana’s “Shakira” Gori Nagori to perform a dance at the Bigg Boss house and the rest of the nominated members would wear T-shirt and Gamcha in her name. If the rest of the nominated members come on stage and dance with her during the dance performance, she will be given a special privilege. Her privilege was that she could of her own free will save any nominee member of the house.

However, after this, the politics of saving Gautam was also played out among the rest of the nominated contestant, but Gori gave such a blistering dance performance that the rest of the nominated members of the house couldn’t stop and reach the stage. All members of the house also enjoyed Gauri’s dance and using her privilege, Gori Nagori saved herself from nomination.

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This month’s nominated members are Shiva, Gautam, Stan, Archana and Sajid after Gori is safe. After Gori’s dance, Archana also requested her to come to her rally and give a dance performance.

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