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tna assists communities in Tanzania amid UN’s International Day of Education

tna assists communities in Africa as part of its outreach work. Photo: tna

Australia-based equipment group Tna Solutions has marked the UN’s International Day of Education with progress for its work in Africa through its Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation, writes Neill Barston.

As the company noted, as a company it prides itself on giving back to communities, including a recent internal fundraising event that reportedly provided 10 children in Tanzania with a year’s worth of education, new uniforms and also food.

Speaking to Confectionery Production at the Gulfood Manufacturing event, Nadia Taylor, co-founder of the company, explained that setting up the charitable foundation over the past two decades with her husband has proved particularly memorable and rewarding. That’s why she added that the company has been trying as creatively as possible to raise money for communities in Africa, with education being a big part of its work.

She said: “I just got back from another trip to Africa and it was such a heartwarming feeling to see some of our projects in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

“It breaks my heart to look at the inequality, but to see the difference these schemes make to children, and how they thrive in education, makes me so happy. It makes me feel like I have to work even harder in this business to give more back.”

The African continent has continued to play a vital role for the confectionery sector, with Ivory Coast and Ghana in West Africa accounting for about two-thirds of the cocoa trade, where NGOs and industry have worked together to continue to strive to provide a living income for farmers, as well as strong support for educational opportunities, which have increased significantly over the past decade, according to official studies.

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For what is today the fifth International Day of Education, UN agency UNECESCO is organizing an event at the United Nations in New York, with the contribution of the UN Secretary-General, the President of the UN General Assembly and the director of UNESCO General. The first panel discussion will be devoted to the education of girls and women in Afghanistan, where 2.5 million (80%) school-aged Afghan girls and young women are currently out of school.

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