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TN traces students who skipped higher education, imparts skill knowledge

Chennai, Nov 25 (IANS): The education department of the Tamil Nadu school has tracked down students who dropped out and stopped learning after passing their plus two courses. According to sources at the state’s School Education Department, more than 4,000 students have dropped out of college and found jobs instead.

Some students were traced to brick kilns in Karnataka and Andhra and some did odd jobs to support their families.

A senior department official said students usually drop out of college because of poverty at home.

The school education department has partnered with the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation to provide skills to these young people.

A department official told IANS that several girls who attended plus two courses were married off. Abject poverty, peer pressure and other problems lead several students to skip higher education and take up odd jobs.

Sources at the Skill Development Corporation told IANS that the certificate students receive after their skills training is of great value.

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