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Throwback! When Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma Khan said Sajid Khan sexually harassed the late actress: He asked her to take off her top and bra | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Since director Sajid Khan entered ‘Bigg Boss 16‘ home, he has faced the wrath of a number of celebrities. Now late Jiah Khanthe sister of Karishma Khan recalled an incident her late sister had witnessed. She said: “It was a rehearsal, she read the scripts and he asked her to take off her top and her bra. She didn’t know what to do, she said ‘shooting hasn’t even started yet and this is happening’. She came home and cried.” Karishma added: “I remember going to Sajid Khan’s house with my big sister and I remember sitting around the kitchen table, must have been about 16 at this stage. I was just wearing a strappy top and leaned over to the table and he kind of stared and said “Oh she wants sex” My sister Jiah immediately jumped into my defense and said “No what are you talking about” and he said “Look how she sits My sister said, ‘No, she’s innocent, she’s young, she doesn’t know what she wants.’ And then we left shortly after.” About his negative habits, Karishma said: “He knocked his penis out at parties. Asked female actors to send nudes as part of the casting. Talked to women in a sexually degrading way. In front of his female staff watched porn.” Keep an eye on ETimes for more news and updates.

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