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The iPhone 14 Pro uses its display notch smarter than Android phone could

The new iPhone 14 lineup is officially here, and while the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are rather unimpressive, the Pro models offer some useful features. Part of the appeal of the iPhone 14 Pro is its new notched design and the new software experience Apple has built around it. Apple calls it Dynamic Island.

Apple says it has redesigned all components, including the true-depth camera, to fit in a smaller size with 30% less space. They have also placed the proximity sensor behind the screen. This change prompted Apple to rethink the way people interact with their iPhones, leading to the creation of what Apple calls Dynamic Island.

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Dynamic Island is a new UI experience that uses the new pill-shaped notch to display background activity in progress. The Dynamic Island automatically expands in real time in various forms to display notifications, alerts and interactive information. Apple says each warning has its own personality and character. For example, the Apple Music app remains on the island and you can see the album art of the currently playing track. You can also tap and hold the icon to access additional music controls or go back to the app. Basically, the idea here is to present important information and controls without distracting you from the app you are currently using.

“Our goal was to design a space that clearly and consistently displays alerts and background activity in a rich and pleasing way. When you receive an alert, the dynamic island will notify you.” Apple said during the announcement.

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Likewise, Dynamic Island can also display map direction, Lyft ride information, timers, and more. Third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information such as live sports scores with Live Activities can take advantage of the Dynamic Island feature.

The Dynamic Island feature is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max models.


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