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The essence of online education in pre, post, and no-pandemic era

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused schools around the world to be closed for extended periods. Billions of children worldwide are affected by the pandemic and are moving out of the classroom. As a Result, the education system around the world has changed dramatically, with the specific rise of e-learning, which involves distance learning and digital platforms.

Even before the pandemic, there was already strong growth and adoption in education technology, with global edtech investment and the overall online education market expected to reach remarkable heights by 2025.


If the coronavirus pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that online education has turned from an option to a necessity.

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities are forced to implement digital ways of working to ensure that students can still learn in this day and age.

Be it a college, university or business school, no educational institution wants to slow down the academic performance of its students.

As such, institutions have refocused their efforts to adapt their education systems to the virtual ecosystem.

And since many institutions already have the necessary infrastructure in place, they can start providing online classes almost overnight.

Online education has now become the norm. This is how the shift happened in the pre-, post- and no-pandemic era.


Online learning requires a fundamental change of mindset. That’s because the digital platform is the medium itself, not a compliment, which puts more emphasis on learning through practice and using tools and resources that students can use almost immediately.

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Digital learning can provide students with a dynamic and interactive user experience. And since it is accessible to virtually anyone with a good internet connection, students can interact with peers from all over the world, exposing them to different cultures and thus different ways of thinking, opening their minds to new opportunities.


E-learning is here to stay. As computer ownership grows around the world, virtual learning is becoming more viable and accessible.

Global internet connection speeds are increasing and with it opportunities for more multimedia training methods are emerging.

In a nutshell, we can say that this is the future, not only to reach a huge student base, but also to meet the problems of conventional classroom education.

Some schools have already started putting together a new and comprehensive online lesson plan for students, and several edtech platforms have been launched, offering professionals the opportunity to retrain and retrain from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual learning is about to bring the next major change in this dynamic business environment, and revolutionize the education landscape.

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Online education has now become the norm. This is how the shift happened in the pre-, post- and no-pandemic era.


The coronavirus pandemic is forcing educational institutions to think digitally. Many pupils of compulsory school age have experience with home learning at a very young age.

And given their exposure to devices such as laptops, tablets and phones, online learning will become a part of life for these students.

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In short, with online learning the possibilities are endless. And the best is yet to come! Are you ready to join the movement that is revolutionizing online education?

– Article by Lokesh Arora, CEO, Study24x7

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