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Super 30 coaching institute to start accepting students from other states

The Patna-based Super 30 coaching institute now plans to expand its operations in India next year and also go online. However, the institute keeps its selection process.

“Given the growing demand, Super 30 has decided to increase its reach and access. Next year, admissions will not be limited to students of Bihar only. Except Bihar, it is open to students from other states. However, the admission procedure remains the same – through testing,” said Anand Kumar, founder of Super 30.

The announcement was made by Kumar during an interactive session with Vasvi Bharat Ram organized by the FICCI Ladies Oranization (FLO), the top group of business women in the country.

In addition to expanding the number of coaching centers across the country, Kumar has also decided to increase the number of students in the Bihar center from 30 to 100. “Education is the only way people can find solutions to all the pressing problems in the world , in addition to going beyond Bihar, Super30 also plans to increase the student intake in Bihar to 100 from the current 30. We will also go online after taking classes from the Corona pandemic days when classes are a few years had to be closed,” Kumar added.

He also added that Super 30 will continue to work on changing others’ perceptions of women. “We cater students from underprivileged areas of society to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with a striking success rate that is highlighted in educating girls as it helps empower them and improve others’ perceptions of women change,” he said.

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