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‘Stay away from WhatsApp’, says Telegram founder Pavel Durov, warns of hacking threat

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has asked people to stay away from WhatsApp because it is a surveillance tool.

Telegram and WhatsApp are two of the most popular online messaging applications that offer several excellent features. But which app is better and safer has always been a controversial topic. Telegram founder Pavel Durov said on Thursday that WhatsApp is not secure. He stated that hackers could have full access to everything on WhatsApp users’ phones, through a tweet. While talking to his Telegram channel, he further asked people to stay away from WhatsApp as it has been a monitoring tool for 13 years now.

“I’m not forcing people here to switch to Telegram. With 700 million+ active users and 2 million+ daily signups, Telegram doesn’t need any extra promotion. You can use any messaging app you like, but stay away from WhatsApp – it’s been a monitoring tool for 13 years now,” he said in his channel.

Explaining how a hacker can gain access to anything on WhatsApp users’ phones, Durov said: “This was made possible by a security vulnerability revealed by WhatsApp itself last week. All a hacker had to do to check your phone was sent you a malicious video or started a video calling you on WhatsApp You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, but if I’ve updated WhatsApp to the latest version, I’m safe, right? Not really,” he said.

He went on to say that this is not the first time WhatsApp’s security vulnerability has been revealed. It was also discovered earlier in the year 2017. A WhatsApp security vulnerability exactly like this was discovered in 2018, then another in 2019, and another in 2020 (tap each year’s link to see the associated vulnerability). And yes, before that in 2017. Before 2016 WhatsApp had no encryption at all,” he said.

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The founder attacked Telegram’s rival, saying: “Every year we learn about a bug in WhatsApp that puts everything on their users’ devices at risk. Which means it’s almost certain that a new security flaw already exists there. are hardly incidental – they are planted backdoors. If a backdoor is discovered and needs to be removed, another is added (read the message “Why WhatsApp will never be safe” to understand why).”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re the richest person on earth – if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone, all your data from any app on your device can be accessed, as Jeff Bezos discovered in 2020. That’s why I removed WhatsApp from my devices. years ago. Installing it creates a door to get into your phone,” he added.



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