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Start Date, new armor and more

Destiny 2 features four unique events throughout the year. The Festival of the Lost is one of them. Eva Levante, performed during Halloween, returns to the tower with a bag full of goodies to spread spooky cheers for a short while.

This event falls under the free-to-play variant of the game. Guardians who have not purchased any expansions can still participate in this annual event. Every year the developers introduce some candy as event currency, so there is a chance they will do the same this year.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost start time and other details

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According to Bungie, the Festival of the Lost will begin with the next weekly reset in Destiny 2. For now, the next weekly reset is scheduled for October 18th. From this date, the Festival of the Lost is expected to last nearly a month. Once the reset is done, Guardians can jump into the tower, which will be decorated in true Halloween fashion.

Eva Levante, the event salesman, will be waiting for everyone between Kadi, 55-30, and Master Rahool with her bag full of goodies. To start the event, Guardians must go to her and interact with her. This should start the introductory mission.

Last year Bungie introduced Haunted Lost Sectors. These were just normal Lost Sectors, but filled with vicious enemies. It’s unclear if these Haunted Lost Sectors will return in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder or if the developers will bring back the legendary Haunted Forest.

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A brand new event card was spotted at this year’s Solstice event. A similar event card will also be on display during the Festival of the Lost. Guardians must complete specific challenges during the event to complete this event card, which will allow them to earn some rewards.

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In addition to armor cosmetics, Guardians can expect a number of Ghost Shells, Sparrows, shaders, and emotes under the rewards section during the Festival of the Lost.

Additionally, completing challenges in this event card also counts towards the brand new event-related title that Bungie introduced during the solstice itself. This title covers all four major events and Guardians must complete the event cards for all four major events to earn the title.

In addition, a brand new sniper rifle for Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is being worked on. While the name of the weapon is still a secret, the sniper falls under the aggressive frame archetype and will be sought after by almost every Guardian in the game.

The event will also be the start of mecha-themed armor. Earlier this year, the community had the opportunity to vote between mecha armor sets and monster armor sets. 52% of the community voted for the mecha armor sets, so they will also be on display during the event.

Finally, like every other Festival of the Lost, Bungie will also be bringing back masks this year. These masks are essential when participating in the event; each class gets its own mask. These masks allow Guardians to acquire event currency just like any other major event.

However, these masks are not required to participate in event-based activities. Guardians must collect all event-related rewards before the event ends. Once the event ends, Guardians will no longer be able to earn these rewards, nor can they redeem their title in Destiny 2.

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