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Special training centres for school dropouts TN school education department envisaged a master plan

Image source: PTI Special training centers for school leavers, the education department of TN had a master plan in mind

Special training centers for school leavers: The Tamil Nadu Education Department has prepared a master plan in which the state will accommodate school leavers aged 6 to 18 in special training centers. These training centers are managed by the integrated school education service. From December 19 to January 11, the department will start a door-to-door survey to detect school dropout rates in the 6 to 18 age group.

According to a recent survey by the education department, there are about 80,000 school dropouts in public schools. The school education department will employ the services of teacher trainers, special educators, activists, physiotherapists, anganwadi teachers, principals, teachers and social service officials to conduct the research.

NGOs working among the children and self-help groups will also be involved in conducting the survey. In Tamil Nadu, according to a 2017 government order, students who have not attended continuous classes for 30 working days are considered dropouts. Those with a history of irregular school attendance are considered potential dropouts.

Pupils who do not attend school continuously for 15 working days are also considered potential dropouts and the Education Department has developed special training programs for these pupils. Rajashekharan R. Gounder, a teacher in Coimbatore, speaking to IANS, said: “This is a good move by the state government and we will find out the reasons why these children are not going to school, ranging from family problems to lack of enthusiasm for studies, poverty, psychological problems and many plague problems.”

He said that once a proper investigation is done, a broader picture of the problem will be obtained and after tracking down these school leavers there will be special training programs that will help them find a job. School education authorities said the focus this year is more on potential dropouts. The services of the school principal and other teachers are used for this purpose.

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The respective district collectors will hold a pre-survey meeting with education department officials on December 15 and 16 to refine the program. The rural service will also be called in to make the local population aware of the research


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