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Sonia Gandhi leads Opposition walkout in Lok Sabha after being denied discussion on China

Parliamentarians, CRPF staff and others at a tribute ceremony to pay tribute to the martyrs who lost their lives in the 2001 attack on parliament, at the Parliament House complex in New Delhi, December 13, 2022. (PTI)

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told parliament on Tuesday that Chinese troops had last week attempted to “breach” the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and “unilaterally change the status quo” in the Yangtse area of ​​Arunachal’s Tawang sector Pradesh, but the Indian forces prevented the bid, resulting in a “physical scuffle resulting in injuries to some personnel on both sides”.

“I want to share with this House that there have been no fatalities or serious injuries on our side. Due to timely intervention by Indian commanders, PLA soldiers went back to their locations,” Singh said in a statement issued in both houses of parliament.

PTI12 13 2022 000023A Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Home Minister Amit Shah at a tribute ceremony to honor the martyrs who lost their lives in the 2001 attack on parliament, at the Parliament House complex, December 13, 2022. (PTI )

The clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh sparked a political firestorm in parliament on Tuesday, with the opposition demanding a discussion and accusing the government of remaining a “stupid bystander” to “brutal Chinese aggression”, which , it said, affects India’s national security and territorial integrity.

Congress-led opposition parties also staged strikes in both Houses after their push for a detailed discussion on the issue following Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement about the incident along the Line of Actual Control was unsuccessful. They had previously forced the adjournment of both Houses for a while before Singh made the statement.

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PTI12 13 2022 000279B 1 Congressman Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury speaks in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. (PTI)

Opposition members in Lok Sabha raised issues such as unemployment, inflation and agricultural concerns during the debate on additional requirements for subsidies for budget 2022-23 on Tuesday, asking who benefits from the much-touted economic growth.

Several MPs also said that pre-matric scholarship and Maulana Azad Fellowship for minority students should be reinstated, asking how the country will progress if minority communities are left behind.

The government has sought Parliament’s approval for additional spending of Rs 4.36 lakh crore to meet the need for fertilizer, food and LPG subsidy.

mahua moitra 1 TMC MP Mahua Moitra at the Parliament House complex during the ongoing winter session. (PTI)

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra accused the BJP government of being incompetent and on Tuesday posed a series of questions about industrial output, the manufacturing sector and the number of people leaving India, asking “Who is the Pappu now? “.

The term was coined by the ruling party “to denigrate, to denote extreme incompetence,” Moitra added.

The TMC leader, who took part in a debate on the additional demand for subsidies in the Lok Sabha, said that they would amount to an additional expenditure of about Rs 4.36 lakh crore, which will push the budget deficit above the provision in the budget. and went against “the goal set by the government itself to contain the budget deficit”.

A parliamentary committee has expressed its disappointment at the very miniscule number of women being recruited into central armed police forces such as the CRPF and BSF and has taken action to create a conducive environment at border posts so that women are motivated to join the to join security forces. The Standing Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs, headed by BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Brilal, noted that despite the efforts of the Ministry of Home Affairs to encourage the recruitment of women into the Central Armed Forces (CAPFs) and Assam Rifles, the strength of female staff is ” disturbingly low “.

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The clash in the Tawang sector turned into a major issue on Tuesday, with the Congress accusing the government of hiding the truth and organizing a strike in both houses of parliament, even as Home Minister Amit Shah claimed that the reason behind the disruptions was a question about the cancellation of FCRA. registration from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Several opposition members from the CPI, CPI-M, Shiv Sena, RJD, SP and JMM joined the congressmen in organizing strikes from both Houses. The opposition party also claimed that national security and territorial integrity are being compromised by brutal Chinese transgressions as the government remains a “mute bystander”.

On a day when the opposition was berating the government for clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Tawang region, Home Secretary Amit Shah claimed on Tuesday that Congress MPs disrupted Question Time to questions about the money received by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) from China in violation of FCRA rules. Shah also claimed that “no one can conquer an inch of land as long as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in power”.



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