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Sisodia on State BJP Chief’s Invite

Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday accepted Gujarat BJP chief CR Paatil’s invitation to visit the state and see the quality of government schools there, and hoped the BJP leader would not change. Sisodia said he was pleased that education has become an agenda for political discussions in Gujarat ahead of the election polls when he invited Paatil to visit Delhi’s government schools and see how they have become world-class leaders in just five years. Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Government schools in Gujarat are in “very bad shape” under the BJP’s rule, Sisodia said, claiming that the people of the state want good schools and believe the AAP can overhaul the school education system there within five years of being in charge come. Sisodia’s comments came after Paatil accused AAP leaders of misleading people in Gujarat and invited them to visit the state schools to see their standards.

“BJP Gujarat President CR Paatil has invited me to visit the state government schools and see the facilities there. I accept his invitation and want him to set a date for our visit soon. We will start with the constituency of Gujarat Education Minister Jitubhai Vaghani and then move on to visit other government schools in the state,” Sisodia told a news conference here. “I also want to invite him to visit Delhi and see our schools,” he said.

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Addressing a meeting in Surat earlier in the day, Paatil accused AAP leaders of misleading people by falsely promising a very good education system. “Some people come here and try to mislead citizens by promising to give very good education. They are invited to come and have a look here. They will get to know their shortcomings and also see the quality of education in Surat and Gujarat Municipal Corporation,” said Paatil.

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Sisodia hit back, saying he has seen the poor state of government schools in Gujarat during his visits to various districts in the state tied to the elections. It will take at least 15,000 years to overhaul them at the pace the BJP government is working, he claimed.

“I am glad that education is now an agenda for political discussions in Gujarat. I hope that he (Paatil) will not back down from his statement and quickly set a date to show me Gujarat government schools,” Sisodia added. He said the people of Gujarat had hopes for the Aam Aadmi party ( AAP) for the turnaround of the school education system in the state.

“The BJP has only been able to upgrade 73 government schools in Gujarat in the past 27 years. At this rate, it will take 15,000 years for the BJP to upgrade 40,800 government schools across the state. Kejriwal has made Delhi’s government schools world-class in just five years and the people of Gujarat now also want his model in their state,” he added.

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