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Signal Messaging App Will Soon Have Stories For Its Users: How It Works

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Signal users can send stories in text, video and image format

Signal is the latest messaging app that brings Stories to its users, which basically means that the content automatically disappears after 24 hours.

Signal Stories is coming to the secure messaging app and the first signs of its presence have been spotted in the latest beta. Stories was first introduced on Snapchat many years ago, which was later picked up by Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp as well.

So it seems Signal doesn’t want to miss out on this feature for its users, which is why Stories is now coming to Signal. Stories for Signal is coming to Android beta version 5.52 and for iOS users, version is 5.57. Stories basically lets you share videos, photos, or even text with people in your contact list that automatically disappears after 24 hours.

For Signal users, Stories will be available in the form of a new tab located right next to the Chats section at the bottom of the app’s interface.

How to make stories on signal

– Click on the Stories tab
– Click the My Stories bubble at the top of the interface
– Create or add an image/video with a text to share as stories
– Signal allows you to save the cropped image to the device
– To create stories with text, click the Text option in the bottom bar
– Tap the arrow button to share the stories

Stories on Signal is still available to beta users, but you can sign up for Signal’s beta program to experience the feature today. Visit the Google Play Store for more information.

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Instagram has definitely gotten ahead of Snapchat with its own Stories avatar. You can share Stories with a select group of users, for which the Stories icon turns green.

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