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Should GTA Online players get the LCC Sanctus?

It’s that scary time of year when GTA Online players can buy the LCC Sanctus. Halloween is fast approaching, so you can look forward to seasonal activities like the Judgment Day event or getting free masks.

More importantly, select vehicles will return to GTA Online. The LCC Sanctus is perfect for this gritty atmosphere.

It is a custom motorcycle with skull and cobweb parts. The LCC Sanctus can also give off a powerful flame. In many ways it is the GTA Online version of the Hell Cycle from the Ghost Rider comics. There is a reason why some players want this helicopter in their garage.

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Review of the LCC Sanctus in GTA Online, and why it’s worth getting

When and where to buy?

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The LCC Sanctus is only available during Halloween events. Players will first have to stop by Southern San Andreas Super Autos. They then need a lot of money in their bank account. The LCC Sanctus costs $1,995,000 in GTA Online. Players can’t lower that price either.

In addition, they can also get the Albany Fränken Stange and the Albany Lurcher. According to a Rockstar news release, these rare vehicles will be available until November 1. They can all be found on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website.

GTA Online players who miss it will have to wait until next year’s Halloween. If they want the LCC Sanctus, they need to get it real quick. Otherwise they will be left in the dust.

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Overall achievements along with some useful tricks

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When fully upgraded, the LCC Sanctus can reach top speeds of 112 miles per hour, according to Broughy1322. The most striking aspect of the bike is its extremely fast acceleration. Even when driving at full speed, it offers great braking and handling.

GTA Online players can play with various custom parts in the mod shop. Whether it’s the front and rear fenders or the belt drive covers, they can be very creative with their approach. Custom paint jobs also make the gas tank stand out in this game.

If the player takes a jerry can and pours gasoline behind the LCC Sanctus, he can use the reverse effect to become a Ghost Rider for a while. Of course, in the meantime, they should watch their health. Players just need to find a skull mask and a black leather jacket.

final verdict

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Realistically, not every GTA Online player will be able to afford the LCC Sanctus. A price tag of nearly two million dollars is in high demand. Nevertheless, if the player is running a profitable business, they should consider this custom bike. It is only available for the rest of the month.

The LCC Sanctus has several customizable features so players can really make it their own. It is also a very fast moving bike with a strong backfire. Players may be able to burn down NPCs and even other vehicles.

Overall, it is a very fun motorcycle to ride around during the Halloween season. It’s even better if the player can find the right costume. The LCC Sanctus is unlike most bikes in the entire game.

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