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Sex Education Charity Fumble Partners with Rapp UK to Hack Social Media Censorship and Tackle Toxic Masculinity

RAPP UK has created an emoji-based campaign for Fumble aimed at boys and young men. The UK’s award-winning youth charity focused on providing free, high-quality education about sex and relationships for the digital age.

Created by young people for young people, Fumble sees involvement from individuals traditionally excluded from sex education, such as LGBTQ+ and disabled youth. This new campaign targets less engaged audiences: young, self-identifying boys and men. A group that often feels the pressure to know everything when it comes to sex.

One trend has seen emojis as a way to communicate about sex online and bypass censorship filters. But while young people may know the meaning behind each emoji, when it comes down to it, they probably have more questions about sex and relationships than they realize.

Using search intent data, the work focuses on the topics the audience wants to understand. The campaign with the call-to-action ‘Don’t Google it. Awkward.’ encourages young people to be curious and better informed. It aims to help them avoid inaccurate, often toxic, content on the internet.

The work draws on the young audience’s imagery for sex and sexting and addresses topics such as sexual well-being without violating the restrictions of social platforms and the ban on sex-related words. One execution challenges the idea that this audience has a short attention span and uses a long form made purely of emojis to discuss sexual intimacy in detail.

Al Mackie, CCO at RAPP UK said: “Today’s young people deserve better when it comes to sex education. Our insights showed that our target audience is not looking for answers in the same way as their peers. We found that they struggled with sex education in school and instead learned through porn, friends or toxic influencers. Our mission is to educate them about all things sex, equality, respect and inclusion.”

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Lucy Whitehouse, founder and director of Fumble said: “Young people are really struggling right now. The challenges they face when it comes to sex, relationships, identities and mental health are huge, especially in the digital world. Things like sexting, porn, “revenge porn,” online bullying and grooming, self-harm and suicidal ideation, and toxic ideologies make us addicted to harmful ideas about gender, especially masculinity. At Fumble we create exciting, trusted, relatable digital content about intimacy, relationships, identity, health and wellness and we believe this campaign will connect our content to the audience that needs it most.

The creatives behind the campaign, Molly Barnes and Adela Nash, added: “Our standout campaign is all about directing young people to the free, trusted and comprehensive content on Fumble that will help them build the life skills they need. they need and deserve.”



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