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Running Out Non-Striker In Cricket: Here’s What ‘Legends’ Told NDTV

The debate over whether the non-striker will walk away walking back too far before the crease has flared up again after Indian women’s team all-rounder Deepti Sharma sacked England’s Charlie Dean in the mecca of cricket – – Lord’s cricket ground . This kind of dismissal is well within the law, and the next day the MCC came — the game’s administrators also came out with a statement, saying that what happened was well within the law and that it shouldn’t become something more. considered.

But several English cricketers, former and current, unanimously said the Indian cricketer’s act was not in keeping with the “spirit of cricket”. The dismissal has long been known, in cricket parlance, as ‘Mankad’. First a little background on why this method of dismissal has long been called ‘Mankad’. India legend Vinoo Mankad fired Bill Brown from Australia for falling too far back during India’s first-ever series Down Under in 1947-48.

From that moment on, this method of dismissal is called ‘Mankad’ by Western countries. However, this manner of dismissal took a major hit a few days ago, when the ICC drafted the new terms of play that will come into effect from October 1. “The Terms of Play follow the Laws in moving this method of effecting a Run out from the ‘Unfair Play’ section to the ‘Run out’ section.”

Looking at the huge outrage over Deepti that Dean is running out of, NDTV spoke to a few former players who are currently in India to compete in Legends League Cricket. We spoke with Ryan Sidebottom (England), Jacques Kallis (South Africa), Ross Taylor (New Zealand) and Lance Klusener (South Africa). Kallis and Taylor said they would not resort to this type of resignation, while Sidebottom and Klusener made some interesting observations.

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“One, I’m a bowler, so I’m biased. It’s within the rules of the game, isn’t it? I think it’s been too long, the batters have had a bit of an easy time with the rules, two white balls and you can only do one bouncer by throwing it’s very hard for the bowlers you have to stay put It’s a controversial topic because people say it’s not in the spirit of cricket but if you play by the rules it’s within the laws. It is a men’s game; the women’s game is also on the rise. Yes, I agree, but on the other hand, it does not shed a good light, I think, Jhulan Goswami’s retirement and win such a contest. But it’s within the rules,” said former English pacemaker Sidebottom.

“I’d rather there was a warning, once you warn the batter I think then you have the chance to run out of batter at the end of the non striker. I’d say it’s great for cricket “Because it puts the sport on the map because people have different opinions. We all have different ideas about how the sport should be played, so I think it’s great,” he added.

Former players Kallis and Taylor said they wouldn’t like this way of resigning, and wouldn’t let the non-striker run when it came down to it.

“No, I don’t support it. I’m not going to say it’s not right because it’s within the rules. But it’s not something I would do, but I’m not a bowler, I can’t do it anyway” , said former Kiwi player Ross Taylor.

Speaking of the same, Kallis said: “I’ll put it this way, if I were a coach of a team I wouldn’t be happy about it. I think you have to warn the batter quite a bit, everyone has their own way of doing that. That is my take on it. I wouldn’t be happy if someone on my team did that. I don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but I have to say give your batters a few warnings before you do it.”

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Finally, former South African all-rounder Lance Klusener had a different take on the whole matter, saying that the umpires can check if the batter walks too far forward, just as they do with no balls.


“Mankad, the debate has gone on way too long. The players don’t have to respect the laws. There has to be a clear way to go about it, whether you can do it the same way I think in terms of controlling like we do the doing no-ball It could be something that will take off everyone’s hands I think the result, whatever the penalty or whatever it is, it’s black and white or color, it would be there for everyone to see. “

“But I think if you look at it the way you’re looking forward to no ball, you can also look at it in terms of backup or whatever it is,” he continued.

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