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Row Over Delhi Education Model | Is BJP Accusing AAP For Political Vendetta?

In this episode of the Newshour Special Edition with Swati Joshi, we will deliberate on the Delhi School Model feud, which has once again intensified the strife between the BJP and the AAP. According to the latest developments, Manish Sisodia’s name has been linked to the discrepancies in the classrooms of the government schools in Delhi. Sisodia, on the other hand, held a press conference and criticized the center, accusing it of abusing the central agencies. Speaking about the controversy, political analyst and AAP spokesperson Ravi Srivastava said: “BJP wants the entire nation to remain uneducated. But what AAP is doing in Delhi or Punjab is improving the government-owned schools.” Watch the full video to know more! #bjp #ape #delhi

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