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Quality education for ST students theme of Tribal Affair Ministry’s parade tableau

A girl on the front meant equality in educational opportunities in residential schools |

New Delhi: The tableau of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs during the Republic Day parade depicted the government’s efforts to provide quality education to Scheduled Tribes (ST) students in remote tribal areas through the Eklavya Model Residential Schools.

A girl on the front meant equality in educational opportunities in the residential schools. A globe in her hand symbolized her will to conquer the world with the power of knowledge.

An open book with an archetype pen in the shape of Eklavya’s bow and arrow reflected students’ relentless focus on Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRSs). It showed that in the past bows and arrows protected and empowered tribes, and now education is the tool to empower them.

A knowledge tree on the back part of the tableau depicted the spread of knowledge and wisdom from teachers to tribal students who came to EMRSs from the most remote hinterlands.

The tree also reflected the spirit of preserving tribal culture and heritage. EMRSs are co-educational residential schools to provide quality primary, secondary and upper secondary education to tribal students to align them with the general population.

The government has decided to establish one EMRS in each bloc with more than 50 percent ST population and at least 20,000 tribal people (according to the 2011 census). Accordingly, the Ministry has set a target of establishing 740 EMRSs across the country. To date, a total of 689 EMRSs have been sanctioned nationwide, and of these, 394 are functional.

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