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Punjab changes British era name of education department

Punjab Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains on Friday ordered the replacement of the age-old directorate of public instructions with the directorate of school education calling it “irrelevant”.

He said that during British rule the ‘Education Department’ was called ‘Directorate of Public Instructions’ and until now no one even thought of changing it. But now this name is no longer relevant to his work and responsibilities.

In most states, the name of the school department has been changed from Directorate of Public Instructions to Directorate of School Education, he added.

According to him, the school education department is intended to educate children, while the name given by the British indicates that the department only gives instructions.

The minister said that the chief secretary and the chief secretary of school education have been asked to start the process of renaming the department and the procedure has been formally started.

“In the future, this department will be known as the Directorate of School Education,” he said.

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