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“Pretty Hateful”: Dhanashree Verma On Rumours Of Separation With Yuzvendra Chahal

Days after Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanashree Verma came out with clarification amid rumors of divorce, the latter took to Instagram to share a lengthy post revealing she had torn her ACL ligament. In her post, she also spoke about the “baseless rumours” about her life. Dhanashree went on to say that the “random news” about Chahal’s relationship and hers was “hateful and hurtful”.

In her post, Dhanashree also said she would have another surgery, saying she was trying very hard to wrap her head around the shocking news that she was unable to do the basic things in life adequately. She also wrote that she got through the difficult phase during her injury thanks to the support of Chahal.

On Dhanashee’s post, Chahal also left a comment saying, “My wife.”

“I needed all that sleep to recover. It’s funny though, I opened my eyes and felt so confident and strong today. Something I’ve been looking for for the past 14 days. I had completely lost confidence due to my knee injury who performed while dancing (my last reel) & I ended up with a rupture of my ACL ligament I rested at home & the only movement I’ve had was from my bed to my couch (along with physical therapy & rehab each day). But what has also helped me through this is the support of my near and dear ones, including my husband, my family and my closest friends,” Dhanashree wrote on Instagram.

“As recommended by the doctors, if I want to dance in life again, I will have my surgery. I tried very hard to wrap my head around this shocking news that I was not able to adequately do the basic things in life do,” she added.

“This was when I needed the most support, and this is exactly when people picked up random news about us! It was pretty hateful, and therefore hurtful, for me to hear all that. exhausting,” Dhanashree stated.

Continuing in her statement, she wrote, “I have worked hard and have gradually and gracefully earned my respect. I am not going to let this injury or any other unfounded rumours deprive me. In fact, this has increased my confidence and made me feel even more fearless. I now know for sure that I have the capacity to bear the consequences of having a public life.”

Earlier this week, Chahal had asked his fans not to believe rumors about his married life after social media was abuzz with reports regarding his alleged “divorce” with wife Dhanashree Verma. In an Instagram story, Chahal wrote: “A humble request to all of you not to believe in rumors about our relationship. Please put an end to it. Love and light to all.”

Chahal and his wife Dhanashree are extremely popular on social media as they continue to post videos together.


The duo tied the knot in December 2020. Dhanashree Verma is Youtuber and dance choreographer and has a wide following on social media.

Chahal on the other hand is one of India’s leading spin bowlers in limited overs cricket and a star player in the IPL.

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