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Prepare students for competitive exams: TTD JEO

NELLORE: TTD joint executive officer for health and education Sada Bhargavi on Saturday ordered temple officials to prepare students of all TTD junior colleges for medicine, engineering and other competitive exams.

During an evaluation meeting with heads of all TTD educational institutions on promoting educational standards among students, she instructed officials of the SV School of Music and Dance to prepare an action plan for the development of a music museum at the institute.

During her speech, she asked through the Vidyadana Trust for their opinion on developing educational standards in schools and universities.

She has provided adequate teaching staff and basic infrastructure in all junior colleges along the lines of SPW and SV Arts colleges that have recently received NAAC A+ recognition.

Among other things, the TTD JEO has asked officials to organize student bookkeeping, weekly tests for students interested in competitive entrance exams, and expert training for NEET, JEE and Eamcet exams.

She said similar training should be provided to business and economics students for competitive exams and teachers should communicate with students and their parents to improve their standards and prepare them for exams.

Among other things, she has instructed officials to conduct stress-free sessions prior to exams and to keep classes, hostel kitchens and toilets clean.

For visual arts students, she instructed them to make them aware of the lives of famous celebrities in music and dance, as well as to explore proposals to create marketing channels for sculpture students along the lines of Lepakshi, using the technology.

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She has also instructed officials to prepare proposals to transform Thatithopu school into a model school, set up advisory committees in deaf-mute schools and development colleges, and eventually prepare progress and health charts for every student in all TTD educational institutions. set.



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