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Potential White Rabbit swerve at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

According to new reports, WWE may be planning a major upheaval during WWE Extreme Rules 2022 when it comes to revealing the White Rabbit’s identity.

Over the past few weeks, WWE has been dropping several hints and Easter eggs about the mysterious and haunted “White Rabbit.” Last night during the premiere episode of SmackDown, a “White Rabbit” was seen in the crown behind the commentators. The latest QR code showed a video stating that the ‘White Rabbit’ will reveal itself during WWE Extreme Rules 2022.

But a Fightful Select report now states there could be more vignettes lined up for the public, and they’re not sure if this means there are plans to extend the suspense or not, which is a big departure from seems to be the original plan.

The most famous vignette to date is the QR code that can be seen on several weekly shows. The codes have spawned teasers, puzzles and images that led fans to believe that the ‘Eater of Worlds’ Bray Wyatt may be on his way back to WWE.

For now, Bray Wyatt is the best pick for the character as Husky the Pig was seen in the last video.

What do you think of the ‘White Rabbit’? Mute in the comment section.

A legend has pointed out the problem with the White Rabbit storyline here

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