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Police Reveal Details of Cyrus Mistry’s Fatal Accident

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry and a fellow passenger, who died in a car accident on Sunday, were not wearing seat belts, a police officer said after a preliminary investigation. They added that excessive speed and the driver’s error of judgment could have caused the accident.

The primary investigation found that the luxury car was speeding when it traveled 20 kilometers in just 9 minutes after passing through the Charoti checkpoint in Palghar district, 120 km from Mumbai.

The car hit a road fence on the bridge over the Surya River, killing Mistry (54) and Jahangir Pandole on the spot. Mistry was returning to Mumbai from Ahmedabad when tragedy struck at 2:30 PM. The car was driven by Mumbai-based gynecologist Anahita Pandole (55). She and her husband were seriously injured in the accident.

“According to the preliminary investigation, excessive speed and the error of judgment caused the car accident. Both deceased were not wearing seat belts,” the officer said on Sunday evening. While analyzing the images captured by CCTV cameras at the Charoti checkpoint, Palghar police found that the car had passed the checkpoint around 2:21 PM and the accident occurred 20 km away (towards Mumbai) “, he said.

This shows that the Mercedes car traveled 20 km (from the cheek post) in just 9 minutes, the officer said, adding that the accident happened at 2:30 p.m. on the bridge over the Surya River. Mistry and Jahangir Pandole sat in the back seat. Darius was in the front seat with Anahita, who was driving, the police had said. An eyewitness said a woman was driving the car and tried to overtake another vehicle from the left, but lost control of the car and collided with the road divider.

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Police added that help arrived within 10 minutes and two injured people were removed from the car and taken to hospital by ambulance. However, the other two were killed.

“Two people, including Cyrus Mistry, were brought here dead. Cyrus had a head injury and there was internal bleeding. In the initial phase, it resembles a death by accident. Further details may become available after the police investigation,” said Dr. Shubaham Singh of Kasa District Hospital.

The bodies of Mistry and Jahangir Pandole have been brought to the state-run JJ Hospital in Mumbai for post-mortem examination. Anahita Pandole and her husband Darius Pandole (60) were seriously injured in the accident. They will be transferred by road from Vapi in Gujarat to a hospital in Mumbai late Sunday night, the officer added.

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