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PlayStation Win-A-Thon tournament launched on PlayStation 5: Here’s how to participate

PlayStation is launching a new tournament called Win-A-Thon where players can compete against other players to win prizes. The tournament starts on December 1 and lasts until January 31.

While the PlayStation 5 Win-A-Thon only supports three games: Guilty Gear Strive, NBA 2K23, and FIFA 23, the PlayStation 4 version has a much larger catalog of games, including titles like Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat 11.

Signing up for the tournament is easy enough. Navigate to the Control Center/Game Hub, select an available tournament and press the “Register” button to enter a match. Once you join, you’ll be presented with a new experience with an all-new UI, easy-to-discover tournaments, and real-time match updates.

Players can register for one of the tournaments directly from the Game Hub (Image source: PlayStation)

Winning in a qualifying Win-A-Thon tournament will raise your overall ranking on the regional leaderboard. Keep winning until the end of the tournament, when the results add up and you can win great prizes. These prizes include cash, PS5 consoles and new DualSense Edge wireless controllers.

PlayStation 5 players will take home accessories such as the new DualSense Edge wireless controller or Pulse 3D wireless headset. However, the real prize is for the PlayStation 4 players, who will earn PlayStation 5 consoles. Meanwhile, runners-up win cash prizes and premium in-game currency.

Please note that users must have a PS Plus membership to participate in a PlayStation tournament. Besides the subscription, there are no other costs to participate.

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