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PlayStation 5 Gets a Minor Facelift as Fans Continue to Rue Shocking Price Rise

When it comes to making game consoles, video game enthusiasts rely on the best franchises to get their products. They are always looking for the best performance, per se, the ideal gaming experience. So they rightly make their choice, because they consider it an investment.


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Several companies in the market produce game consoles, with market leaders such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Fans know them from their top products such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch/Wii U and many more. So in today’s article we’ll talk about Sony’s PlayStation as the franchise has added a massive console update amid the recent price change.


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Sony refreshes the PlayStation 5 with a weight change as fans see a price increase in some parts of the world

Lately, PlayStation aficionados have spotted a price hike in the PlayStation 5, with several stores in Australia selling it at a higher rate. Press Start, an Australian website, was the first to report the information when they came across the products in stores.


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Japanese retailers had informed fans that PlayStation will be releasing a new model soon, confirming that it is lighter. However, they had claimed a September release date, forcing fans from different parts of the world to wait for the final product.

But now it seems things have taken a different turn in Australian stores when fans bought the new model. Here’s what Press Start said in their recent post:We were able to identify both the CFI-1202B (digital console) and CFI-1202A (disc console) purchased in the past week from Australian retailers including EB Games, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi.” It appeared that both the digital and CD versions received the ‘weight update’ as fans could feel the same when compared.

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Interestingly, Sony had revamped the console weights by making them much lighter, as the new CD model weighed as much as the digital one.


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playstation 5

To quote numbers, the digital model is now 500 grams lighter than the original model, while the CD model has lost 600 grams. While these numbers may seem the same to any common man, it’s important to understand that Sony had to work relentlessly to make this change. After all, who doesn’t want to carry their PS5 to places? Everyone would just be happy now that it’s much lighter to carry around.


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What are your thoughts on this? Will you buy the new PS5 models as soon as they come out? Let us know your valuable answers in the comment section.



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