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Pixel 6a returns to its lowest price ever to finish out 2022

While the A-series phones in Google’s Pixel lineup have always been known for their affordability, the latest iteration – the Pixel 6a – has dropped in price quite a few times since launch. At $449 MSRP, the Pixel 6a is a great deal on its own, but when the price drops, it drops significantly. A few times this year we’ve seen it hit $299, and it looks like Google is ready to offer that price one last time before the end of the year.

For the time being, the Pixel 6a has dropped to the incredible price of $299, which is a pretty crazy 33% off the regular $449. Again, the Pixel 6a is a great device with a fantastic camera, solid performance (thanks to the same Tensor G1 that powers the Pixel 6 Pro) and the new Pixel aesthetic that has been so well received since 2021, so considering it hit this $299 price point is pretty wild again.

And this deal comes just in time if you’ve been looking for a great holiday gift. I know I love giving technology-related gifts this time of year, but I also love making a deal for it. Spending $299 is probably reserved for close relatives, but I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who would love to gift a sweet, new phone to someone you love this season.

For this particular deal, I think it will hold through the end of the year, but we just never know about these things. This discount is clearly driven by Google as it is the same price everywhere (the Chrome Shop link below collects them all in one place for your convenience), so when it goes away it will probably go away across the board. If there is any interest in this phone at this price, I would take advantage of it right away. It would be a real shame to miss it.

Pixel 6a returns to its lowest price ever to finish out 2022 2

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