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Pandemic Hit Education Worldwide; India’s ‘Expected Years Of Schooling’ Drops To 11.9 Years: UN Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the education system worldwide, including India

New Delhi:

The United Nations report published Thursday said the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education system worldwide, including India. Aside from the pandemic, the UN report cited the war in Ukraine, another factor in the profound social and economic shifts affecting the global education system.

According to the UN report, the expected number of school years in India fell to 11.9 years, and the average school years is 6.7 years compared to 12.2 years in the 2020 report. Meanwhile, between 1990 and 2019, the expected number of school years in the country has increased by 4.5 years and the average number of years of schooling by 3.5 years.

India’s position in the Human Development Index fell to 132, one spot below its position in 2020. “India’s HDI value of 0.633 places the country in the medium-sized human development category, lower than the value of 0.645 in the 2020 report,” it said. the report. . Since 1990, the Human Development Index has improved every year, but as of 2019 it has stagnated.

Following the pandemic, the Human Development Index, which measures a country’s health, education and living standards, has fallen globally for the first time in 32 years for two years in a row.

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