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Owaisi warns of ‘war’ after reports of Chinese construction in Arunachal Pradesh | Latest News India

Asaduddin Owaisi, president of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), on Saturday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out after media reports alleged that residents of Anjaw district in Arunachal Pradesh recorded videos showing China’s PLA personnel and machinery perform construction work near Hadigara -Delta 6 in Chaglagam. He also warned that China was preparing for war with India.

“Will our Prime Minister Saheb, who is afraid to even mention China, tell us what this Chinese construction party is doing in our territory in Arunachal Pradesh?” Owaisi tweeted.

In another tweet, the AIMIM chief said that the Chinese invasion has been going on in Ladakh for more than two years. And now we have these images of Arunachal. This requires a special session of Parliament to discuss the state of our ties with China. Nothing less is enough.”

“Chinese bulldozers have come to our bottom and you (BJP) are silent on the matter. These people pride themselves on bulldozers; go and get those bulldozers out of there… The government had 14-15 rounds of talks with China. What was the outside? I’m telling you there could be a war with China at any moment… but I hope it doesn’t. Prime Minister Modi should hold a press conference and discuss the matter,” Owaisi said at a news conference.

India today reported that the video was recorded on August 11. Locals reportedly said they were “deeply concerned” about the Beijing break-in. A resident of Mechukha village in Shi Yomi district, which borders India and China, expressed concern over recent reports of infrastructure construction in China near the LAC.

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The report comes days after Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said China has ignored border pacts with India, casting a shadow on bilateral ties as he argued that a lasting relationship cannot be a one-way street and that there must be mutual respect. .

In response to a question about Sino-Indian ties, Jaishankar said India and China have agreements dating back to the 1990s that prohibit bringing troops into the border area.

“They (Chinese) have ignored that. You know what happened in the Galwan Valley a few years ago. That problem has not been solved and that is clearly casting a shadow,” said Jaishankar.

Chinese and Indian forces are mired in a protracted standoff in eastern Ladakh. The two sides have so far held 16 rounds of corps commander-level talks to resolve the deadlock that erupted on May 5, 2020 after a violent clash in the Pangong Lakes.



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