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Overwatch 2: Top Ideal Teams for Ramattra That Will Help You Bag Victories in Season 2

Overwatch 2 was the highly anticipated game from Blizzard Entertainment. After launching on October 4, the hero shooter has received immense love and support from the gaming community. Recently, the new December update brought a new Battle Pass, hero modifications, a new tank, new maps, and a rank reset to the game.


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Ramattra is the latest addition to the hero pool. With two weapon variants (The Void Accelerator and the Nemesis form), Ramattra is the first Tempo tank in Overwatch.


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Here are some compositions that go well with the new Tank.

Overwatch 2: Ramattra team composition guide

Ramattra is the first tempo tank in Overwatch, that is, he can play two different types of roles at the same time. So, players should keep this feature in mind when building a team around Ramattra.

Team 1: Ramattra (Tank), Widowmaker/ Hanzo (DPS), Bastion (DPS), Moira (Support), Baptiste (Support)

The first team will consist of Ramattra as the primary tank. Bring a long-range specialist like Widowmaker to fill the DPS role. Always keep in mind that certain cards are not ideal for her, bring Hanzo as the DPS in those cases.

Bastion will be an ideal second DPS for the team due to his recent buffs. And for the supporting role rule in Moira and Baptiste, her skills can be adjusted to any distance range. Baptiste’s immortality field will help Ramattra to a great extent and he can deal significant damage as well.

Team 2: Ramattra (tank), Genji (DPS), Reaper (DPS), Zenyatta/Kirko (support), Moira (support)

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This composition is ideal for close range combat, especially in maps like Ilios. Ramattra can affect both forms on this card. Genji can use the disruption Ramattra causes to enemies to perform consecutive kills.


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Zenyatta will give the team the needed amp with his orbs, while Kiriko’s speed increases gameplay speed. Moira will be the enemy’s nightmare as she emerges to deal both damage and healing.

Team 3: Ramattra (Tank), D.Va (Secondary Tank), Pharah (DPS), Mercy (Support), Ana (Support)

This team brings heterogeneity to the mix. With Ramattra and D.Va as pillars to wreak havoc on the opponents, Pharah can hover over the enemies and steal kills. Mercy will be a great support for this composition and Ana will be the watchful eye for flankers.

How to Counter ‘The Tempo Tank’ Ramattra.


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No hero is unstoppable, there will always be a countermeasure. So there are heroes who can counter Ramattra. Symmetra would be an ideal choice, especially due to her newly received buffs where she automatically reloads after hitting enemy shields. Long-range heroes are best suited to counter Ramattra’s ultimate destruction. It is mainly because the ultimate devours the HP of heroes that are near Ramattra.

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The recently revamped Doomfist can also give Ramattra a headache. These teams are just ideas to try out during your matches. There are other team compositions you can try. It is mainly about how well a team can coordinate.

Name your favorite comp for Ramattra below in the comments.

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