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OTT Review : Akshay Kumar’s Cuttputlli on Disney Plus Hotstar

Publication date : September 02, 2022

123telugu.com Rating: 2.25/5

Shape : Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh and others

Producers: Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani, Deepshika Deshmukh

Direction by: Ranjit M Tewaric

Music director : dr. Zeus Tanishk Bagchi

camera operator: Rajeev Ravi

Editor: Chandan Arora

Bollywood star actor Akshay Kumar has now come up with a crime thriller Cuttputlli which has been released directly on Disney Plus Hotstar. This is the official remake of the Tamil blockbuster Ratsasan. Let’s see how it is.


Arjan Sethi (Akshay Kumar) is an ambitious filmmaker who fails to realize his dream. With no choice left, he joins the police as SI in Kasauli on the advice of his brother-in-law and sister. At the same time, teenage girls are kidnapped and brutally murdered, sending shockwaves across the hill station. Arjan Sethi and his police team take on the case. Who is this killer? What is his exact motive? Did Arjan and his team catch the killer? This is part of the rest of the movie.


Akshay Kumar as a detective plays very well in his role and carries the film on his shoulders. His sincere performance as Arjan Sethi is much better compared to his recent outings. He excelled in the fight and chase scenes and showed emotions very nicely where necessary.

The first half of the movie is decent. The background of the film is changed to a hill station in this remake to give the film a fresh feel. Makers have succeeded in this. There are a few scenes that are handled very well in the film. Others like Sarhun Mehta and Chandrachur Singh were good in their respective roles.

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It seems that the makers want to finish the film very quickly and this is what the second half looks like. There’s a lot of detail in the characterization of the psychopath in the original, which is completely missing here. The flashback episode showing the killer’s character is at the heart of this story, but that was rushed for no reason leaving the audience baffled. If the killer’s motive isn’t clearly shown, there’s no point in making the remake.

In addition, here the killer himself tells his backstory to Akshay and shows the ignorant nature of the film team. Quite a few scenes from Ratsasan have been eliminated in this movie for no reason making it soulless. The tension factor while the girls are kidnapped is not displayed properly.

In the original Amala, Paul’s character is not limited to a song or to some eye-candy moments. The female lead has a good role which is important for the plot. Here, Rakul is absolutely wasted in a small role. As a serious chain of events unfolds, a romantic song comes out of nowhere and disrupts the flow.

Technical aspects:

BGM by Tanishk Bagchi is pretty much below par, which doesn’t add an exciting factor to the procedure. It flattens things out and has let the movie down immensely. Note that the original version had a haunting and hair-raising background music that instantly connected viewers to it. The editing is way too sharp, which again lets the film down. The production values ​​are quite good and the cinematographer Rajeev Ravi has captured the beautiful locations of Himachal Pradesh.

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At director Ranjith M Tewari, he has wasted a plot with solid stuff. To make the movie sharper, he and his team missed important parts that made the movie go bad. The essence of Ratsasan was not captured at all. There are no problems with changes in a remake until and unless they add more meaning to the existing plot. That is not the case here.


Overall, Cuttputtli is a bad remake of Ratasasan, which is considered one of the best thrillers ever. Akshay Kumar’s honesty and some good scenes couldn’t save this movie. Rushed portions, poor execution and the removal of key sequences from the original make it a lifeless thriller. If you are a fan of Ratasasan (Rakshashudu in Telugu) you will be disappointed to the core. You can skip this movie.

123telugu.com Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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