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Opposition Parties Protest Move to Introduce CBSE Syllabus in Puducherry Schools

Opposition parties in Puducherry, including DMK and Congress, have come out in protest at the government’s decision to introduce CBSE pattern syllabus in government schools in the area.

The Education Minister of Puducherry, A. Namassivayam, recently petitioned the Union Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, asking for Union government approval for the new pattern of education in the area.

The biggest resentment is that Hindi will be made compulsory and there will be no option to study under the state administration. Opposition leaders pointed out that this would lead to the implementation of national education policies.

DMK leader and opposition leader in the Territorial Assembly, R. Siva, told IANS that something strange was going on and that the Education Minister did not even discuss the issue in the Territorial Assembly. He also said that the previous Congressional DMK government had even passed a resolution in the assembly against the implementation of the NEP.

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The DMK leader said the CBSE syllabus would require teachers qualified under the Central Teachers Eligibility test and the recruitment of teachers will be from other states.

However, A. Namassivayam told IANS that the government plans to introduce the CBSE syllabus in all schools up to grade 9 and that it would help the students to pass competitive exams such as NEET and JEE. He also said that the NEP syllabus would help the students to be ready for the 21st century.

Puducherry does not have its own syllabus with Karaikkal and Puducherry according to Tamil Nadu board, Mahe area according to Kerala board and Yanam area according to Andhra Pradesh board and the implementation of CBSE pattern would help to make uniform education pattern in the territory.

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Member of parliament and congress leader V. Vaithalingam opposed the move of the UT government. He said that with the emphasis on CBSE, the Tamil language would be completely neglected and asked whether mathematics and science would be taught in Tamil.

K. Arogyasamy, social activist and retired school principal from Puducherry, told IANS: “The government should have an open discussion across the territory and then bring it into the assembly and then introduce the CBSE pattern only when necessary.” .

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