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No Poll or Other Duties for Andhra Pradesh Teachers, Focus Only on Academics: State Government

Government teachers in Andhra Pradesh will from now on have nothing to do but do their core job of teaching children.

The state government amended the AP Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2010, prohibiting the use of teachers for “non-educational purposes.”

The changes to the RTE Act rules will effectively keep teachers away from electoral duties, census work and the like.

The Department of School Education has already canceled the deputation of several teachers as personal assistants to ministers and legislators and reinstated them in teaching.

“Section 27 of the Right to Education Act, 2009, provided for a prohibition against employing teachers for non-educational purposes. In line with this, and also to further strengthen the RTE Act, we have made necessary changes,” said School Education Commissioner S Suresh Kumar.

The changes were designed to allow teachers to focus on their core academic activities and improve children’s academic progress.

The Commissioner pointed out that several teachers’ unions had declared to the government that teachers’ services should only be used for academic work to improve learning outcomes.

According to the Annual Survey of Education Report, only 22.4 percent of children in grade 3 could read grade 2 text, and only 38.4 percent could subtract (mathematically).

In class 5 only 39.3 percent could share a (mathematical) sum, while in class 8 it was only 47.60. Suresh Kumar also pointed out that the Andhra Pradesh Student Learning Achievement Survey revealed “poor reading and comprehension skills” among students.

The National Achievement Survey, 2021, conducted by the Union Department of Education, also found that the average achievement of Class X students was 39 percent in languages, 32 percent in math, and 49 percent in English.

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“Teachers should concentrate on their core activity and devote their time exclusively to improving learning outcomes. Only that will bring about academic transformation, for which the state government has implemented several reform plans,” Suresh Kumar noted.

The Commissioner pointed out that government schools in the state have been reorganized from Class 3 and qualified subject teachers have been provided in line with national education policies.

“We are also extensively renovating the school infrastructure under Mana Badi: Nadu-Nedu (Our School: Then and Now) program at a total estimated cost of Rs 16,021 crore.

At the same time, we are also transforming the classrooms to digital to enhance the student learning experience,” said Suresh.

In conjunction with the reform initiatives, effective implementation of the RTE Act, 2009 has been key to ushering in transformative change and improved learning outcomes. Hence the ban on non-teaching activities by teachers, Suresh added.

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