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New Town Hall, defenses, cheaper upgrades, and more

Clash of Clans is expected to get an update this month, which is October 2022. However, the upcoming update is special because Supercell has already teased a new Town Hall addition, TH15, through a promo released on October 5, 2022.

In addition to Town Hall 15, fans can expect several other features, be it upgradeable buildings or new base defenses. Another recent teaser revealed the inclusion of four new hero companions in Clash of Clans via the October 2022 update (Town Hall 15).

In the next section, readers can learn more about the TH15 Clash of Clans update.

Clash of Clans: The upcoming Town Hall 15 update is expected to launch in the first half of October 2022

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Supercell is teasing about the upcoming in-game content, but has not yet announced a specific date for the Town Hall 15 update. However, you can expect the update to roll out in the first half of this month, most likely on October 10, 2022.

The highlight of the update, the new addition to City Hall, will have a magical theme, as revealed in the teaser. The reason behind the anticipation behind the introduction of TH15 is that the last Town Hall, namely TH14, was added to the game in April 2021 (Spring ’21).

Town Hall 15: Update time and costs

While Town Hall 15 doesn’t have a unique signature defense weapon, the Giga Inferno can be upgraded multiple times to make it even more powerful than before. But don’t worry, we’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve, as you’ll see in the upcoming previews 👀

According to official sources, Town Hall 15 will take 15 days to build and cost 18 million gold. After upgrading to TH15, players can collect and hold two million gold, two million elixirs and 20k dark elixirs at the base level.

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Developers have unveiled a blue and purple colored scheme on the TH15 building and will keep the Giga Inferno, which is also present for TH13 and TH14. City Hall 15 therefore does not get a distinctive defensive weapon.

Cheaper upgrades in Clash of Clans

On Saturday, October 8, 2022, Supercell posted important in-game news about the cheaper upgrades. Players can now get 50% cheaper Home Village buildings and upgrades.

While the offer end time has not been mentioned, it can be expected to end with the rollout of the new update.

New base defense and pets

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TH15 brings two new defenses: Monolith and Spell Tower. Spell Tower’s abilities will coincide with Town Hall 15’s magical theme, i.e. you can cast three spells on three different levels. Monolith will be a single-purpose defense at the same time.

Readers can learn more about the upgrade levels for both Monolith and Spell Tower in Clash of Clans:


  • Level 1 – Upgrade price of 300K Dark Elixir in addition to an 18-day build time
  • Level 2 – Upgrade price of 360K Dark Elixir in addition to a 19-day build time

spell tower

  • Level 1 (2500 HP) – Rage Spell (provide a boost to nearby defenses and units) – Upgrade price of 14 million in addition to a build time of 14 days.
  • Level 2 (2800 hp) – Poison Spell (spits poison on the enemies) – Upgrade price of 16 million in addition to a build time of 16 days.
  • Level 3 (3100 HP) – Invisibility Spell (temporarily hide defenses, adjacent units and buildings) – Upgrade price of 18 million euros in addition to a construction time of 18 days.

In addition to the new base defense, the Town Hall 15 update introduces four unique pets to Clash of Clans: Poison Lizard, Phoenix, Frosty, and Diggy. A teaser for the new hero companions is given above.

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