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new Character Panel Set, Streaming Mode, bug fixes, and more

The Tekken 7 patch 5.10 is currently live for the PS4/PS5, PC and Xbox, which has introduced quite a few quality of life features to the fighting game.

The latest update of the game has now added a new Character Panel Set along with a Streaming mode, something the community has been looking forward to for quite some time.

Apart from this, there are several bug fixes and gameplay improvements that Bandai Namco has tried to address.

Streaming mode? New customization items? Character panels? We have all that and more in the latest version #TEKKEN7 patch 🔥Read the full patch notes here: bnent.eu/Tekken7Update5…Note 🚨 Replays of previous versions will no longer work after this update due to system changes.

However, unlike update 5.00, no new characters will be added to the Tekken 7 lineup this time around. Patch 5.10 will revolve around the new quality of life features, along with fixes for some of the gameplay issues the title has been facing in recent weeks.

Tekken 7 fans looking for a detailed description of patch 5.10 can visit the official Bandai Namco website.

However, for a quick overview, here are all the major highlights.

Tekken 7 patch 5.10 official notes

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1) Addition of new customization items

  • Drawing panel set has been added.

2) Addition of streaming mode

  • Streaming mode has been added to the game options.

When streaming mode is activated, the opponent’s Online ID/Gamertag on the VS Screen and Battle Screen in Ranked Match, Player Match, and Quick Match will be replaced with the character’s name.

3) Extensive character selection functions

  • Players can now register and select their favorite character and costume combination with one button.
  • Added a feature that remembers the last costume selected until the game is closed.
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4) Changed tournament settings

Made some changes to the Tournament settings in Game Options. When Tournament Settings are enabled, players will not be able to use the following character selection features in the Versus Battle:

  • “Favorite” settings
  • Character costume selection
  • Save last chosen costume

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5) Updated connection status information display

Made the following changes to the connection status information screen:

  • Display format for connection status information updated.
  • The text color in some areas of the screen has been updated to reflect sync status.
  • Added info about the processing load of the PCs used in the match.

Replays saved in previous versions cannot be played after the update is applied.

The Tekken 7 patch 5.10 update is currently available and is approximately 21 GB in size. Players on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One can download the patch for free.

This could be the last update the game receives in 2022.

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